Finding Ways to Profit Off of the Gaming Industry

One of the quickest growing and most influential markets today is the gaming industry. Entertainment software is a $68 Billion industry that continues to expand not only the imaginations of its players but also the wallets of its investors. In the next four years alone, the gaming industry is expected to grow to over $82 Billion. As such, the companies that manage to get in now and create a product that is beloved and beneficial to the market stand to make substantial profits in the coming years. Companies like Swordfish Financial (OTCQB: SWRF) are clamoring to create products that allow users to enjoy their games, music, and lives in an entirely new and innovative ways.

Swordfish Financial, through its joint venture with iPoint Television, LLC has created the device that will allow the company to profit (and in turn allow their investors to profit) off of this rapidly growing digital era of mankind. The iPointTV allows users to turn their television into a live streaming source of all of their favorite programs and applications. Of the over 600,000 applications available, a substantial portion of them are games through the mobile application store, the Android market. According to DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole, “these mobile games are the quickest and steadiest growing sources of entertainment in the gaming industry.”

Allowing users to access one of the fastest growing gaming markets in an already remarkably expanding industry, will allow companies like Swordfish Financial to share in the $16 Billion profits that are expected to take place over the next couple years. Using smart technology and intelligent pricing SWRF is gaining the customer base that will drive further shareholder action, leading to a new home entertainment powerhouse joining the fight in this rapidly developing niche market.

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