No Appointment Necessary on, Inc. (OTCPink: SEEK), Inc. (OTCPink: SEEK), by week’s end, had traded over 1B shares, with a price appreciation of over 500%.  On Friday the 12th, this stock was trading .0002 x .0003 and at the close of this past Friday the 19th of July 2013, the stock hit a high of .0022, closing at .0017, with over 363 million shares traded.

Ok, yes, they went from an OTC Stop to an OTC Yield, but a billion shares in four days?  Two press releases may have been a contributing factor to this trading explosion.  On July 17th, the Company released a letter to its shareholders announcing that it will host an investor conference call on July 23rd.  On the 19th they provided more details to the call. Inc. is a local search company. Through its network of targeted, category specific business directories, the company provides consumers with unlimited, 24/7 FREE access to verified business listings in the US and Canada.

The Company has partnered with some of the largest Internet companies in the world to provide its local business services to consumers for free.

This company was trading by appointment only, no appointment necessary these days.

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