On The Move Systems Corp (OTCQB:OMVS) Targets New Transportation Clientele

On The Move Systems Corp (OTCQB:OMVS) has developed some revolutionary new online booking platform designed to make the workload much lighter for niche transport services. It is currently in many partnerships with other providers of niche transportation services, and will add the first pro sports team to the list.

The first pro sports team it intends to add to its impressive list of partners currently competes in the American Le Mans series. The growth of OMVS network of transportation partners will be given a major boost once it adds this pro sports team to the list of transportation partners.

As a travel coordinator of this pro sports team, OMVS will provide the team, as well as its select fans and sponsors, with services ranging from logistics, to travel, to transport. However, this deal depends on whether the two firms can arrive at a definitive agreement in the next few days.

This racing team will not be the only pro sports team that OMVS adds to its list of partners. It will simply be the first of many pro sports team that will enjoy the services provided by OMVS. Sports organizations rely heavily on trains, planes and cars to get to their destinations across the world where competitions are held. OMVS provides them with online solutions for these.

Currently, OMVS is busy with carrying out due diligence on the viability of such a deal, and from the initial findings, this is a deal with great potential. Some of the online travel agencies that OMVS competes with include Expedia.com and TripAdvisor.com, to mention but a few.

OMVS has been providing timely and modern solutions to well-traveled clients for a while now, and hopes to continue with the same through this deal with a pro sports racing team. If the deal meets OPMVS criteria of helping to reduce costs and improve convenience to users, there is no reason for anyone to think that it will fail.

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