Registered dispensary from Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTCMKTS:MJNA)

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, today on September 30, 2013 announced that 158 applicants, from total of 181 applicants, for Registered Marijuana Dispensary licenses have been selected for Phase 2 of the review process.

Commenting on the announcement, the Chief Executive Officer of The Holistic Center, Joseph Dioguardi acclaimed it to be good news and mentioned that the good news for patients could take longer until the State will announce who qualifies for the licenses for the Registered Marijuana Dispensaries. He added that considering this it may take up to May 2014 for dispensaries to open. However Joseph also mentioned that it is appropriated on part of the Stat to take the required time to thoroughly screen all the applicants.

Joseph added that patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, Cancer,Hepatitis C,Crohn’s disease and other debilitating conditions would not require to wait. The patients could simply approach the medical marijuana evaluation facility to receive their medical marijuana certificate. With such certificates, patients can legally possess or grow or even legally purchase up to 10 ounces of medical marijuanafrom medical marijuana dispensaries, existing in the States like Maine or Rhode Island.

However, under the new state regulations, if a certified patient decides to cultivate medical marijuana – he must do it in an enclosed and locked area with the access limited to the certified patient or the designated caregiver.

A medical marijuana evaluation at The Holistic Center is non-invasive and simple with the certified physicians carrying review of patient’s medical records and a question answer session to undertake the determination. Once the patient qualifies, they receive a medical marijuana certificate.

Such certificate from The Holistic Center is valid for the limited possession and cultivation of medical marijuana, until the Department of Public Health sets right the mechanism to issue medical marijuana registration cards. Once such a mechanism is laid down, The Holistic Center will assist their patients in obtaining those cards.

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