Trio Resources, Inc. (OTCBB:TRII): Forms the Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

Trio Resources, Inc. (OTCBB:TRII) today on September 27, 2013 announced the formation of Trio Resources Exploration and Development Inc. – a wholly owned subsidiary which will serve the purpose for expanding its land package of properties with mineralized materials. Towards developing Trio Resources (OTCBB:TRII)’sreserves of precious and base metals, the subsidiary will pursue acquisition opportunities.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Trio Resources (OTCBB:TRII), Duncan Reid stated that the creation of subsidiary will mark an important step towards helping the company to unleash the value of its assets. He added that while the parent company will keep its focus on generating cash flows by processing mineralized materials at the company’s state of the art mill, the subsidiary would enable the exploration and development activities. He further noted that the company aims to streamline its accounting by separating the above and below- ground resources, which will also facilitate company’s value investors to monitor the progress at Trio Resources (OTCBB:TRII)’s two core business lines.

An exploration and small-scale processing company, Trio Resources (OTCBB:TRII) focuses on exploration and milling of mineralized materials. The company has recently entered the final stage of negotiations with a major mining company to expand its acreage.

Currently the company’s acreage contains more than 4K ton Stock Pile of silver and cobalt concentrate holding total 160K ounces of silver; Crushed Material A – holding total 608K ounces of silver; Crushed Material B – holding total 400K ounces of silver; Trench Material holding total 400K ounces of silver; Tailing Pond holding total 493.97 ounces of silver and Muke Pile holding more than 9 million ounces of silver.

Trio Resources (OTCBB:TRII) holds assets in the mining industry, especially targeting the older mining camps having residual value. The company intends to conduct an exploration program alongside the milling initiativesand marketing the mineralized material and concentrate to refiners.

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