Volkswagen AG (OTCMKTS:VLKAY): Chattanooga will be the Production Site for the VW’s Most Speculative Car

On Friday, October 4, 2013, Volkswagen AG (OTCMKTS:VLKAY) unveiledChattanooga as the production site for the company’s U.S. debut of the most speculative and believed to be ‘the world’s most aerodynamic and fuel efficient’ super lightweight car. Carsten Krebs, the spokesman of Volkswagen Group of America, said that a year before this was a concept care and now it has been into a production phase.

Volkswagen reported that this two-door, two-seater, fuel efficient car can run about for 200 miles per gallon of diesel fuel. The car is powered by a hybrid drive system and features two cylinder TDI engine, a lithium ion battery, a 27 horsepower electric motor and a seven speed (dual clutch) automatic transmission. The car is made with carbon fiber at places and weighs just over 1,750 pounds with around 45.5 inch height, 153 inch length and 65.5 inch in width. The company reports the car to have a sports car aerodynamic design with low center of gravity. It is a combination of technologies and offers four low rolling tires which boost the fuel efficiency.

However the company’s engineers mentioned this as just a glimpse of what helps it identify as a fuel efficient car during the meeting before the Society of Environmental Journalists.

A development engineer at the company headquarters in Germany, ChristophBenke revealed that the car comes with interior camera monitors to reduce drag and hence doesn’t have an exterior side mirrors. He mentioned the Volkswagen to be only Car Manufacturing Company with a license for the camera innovation. Benke said that the company has no sales timetable for the U.S. but it expects the car to go on sales in Europe from next year. The production is undertaking at the company’s Osnabruck plant in Germany.

Dr. Ferdinand Piech, now chairman of the company’s supervisory board, dreamt for a ultra-high fuel efficient car, almost one and a half decade ago.

The company has not revealed the price for the car.

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